Renewable Energy in Burlington, Vermont

A Project for CDAE 85 at University of Vermont by Daniel Goodyear

If you are interested designing an renewable energy power system for your home in Burlington, Vermont, here is some of the information I have found and compiled:

At this website, I found valuable information about designing a power system to suit the needs of an energy conscious home.

For an over all comparison of solar radiation in different parts of the United States, this map from Home is very informative:


Clearly, the sun does not spend as much time shining down on Burlington, Vermont as it does in Arizona. But that doesn't mean renewable energy is not possible here. I live in a house that uses both the sun and wind as energy sources. Here are some data to show why:

Combine this information with another graph on wind data:

Solar and wind data courtesy

The next question people are concerned with is cost. Here is a cost comparison, courtesy of Vermont Solar Engineering, that compares the thirty year cost of a $10,000 RE system to thirty years of utility power (which increases 10%/year).

Info courtesy Vermont Solar Engineering

So a house in Burlington, Vermont that uses both wind and solar energy as it's resources for power might do well; when the wind is low the sun is stronger, and when the sun power is low, the wind is stronger.

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These are some other links to websites that have information on Renewable energy.