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        Kathleen Kesson
Assistant Director
       Christopher J. Koliba
 Research Assistant Professor
       Gustavo Teran 
 Office Manager
       Sarah Page
 Graduate Assistant
       Sara Rabin
 Graduate Assistant
       Georgina Achilles
 Affiliated Member
       Stephanie Flores
 Research Associates
       Jean Lathrop
       Carolyn Shapiro


  • William C. Ayers 
  • Richard A. Brosio
  • C.A. “Chet” Bowers
  • Evans Clinchy
  • David Conrad
  • Peter W. Cookson, Jr.
  • William E. Doll
  • Richard Gibboney
  • Maxine Greene 
  • Jim Henderson
  • Larry A. Hickman
  • Craig Kridel
  • Ron Miller
  • Petra Munro
  • Nel Noddings
  • Susan Ohanian
  • Madhu Suri Prakash
  • David Purpel
  • Mara Sapon-Shevin
  • William Schubert
  • Patrick Shannon
  • David Shiman
  • Lynda Stone
     Sara Rabin joins the Dewey Project as a Graduate Assistant during this, her first year in the Educational Studies Program. She grew up in South Florida and received her B.A. in English from Florida Atlantic University in 1997. This summer, Sara transferred from the English M.A.T. program to the Ed. Studies M.Ed. because her interests shifted from classroom teaching and literary studies to social issues revolving around high school and adult learners’ language and writing skills. Sara will be conducting research on service-learning in public schools in Vermont as well as coding and editing qualitative data from the past two years of research conducted by the Dewey Project.

    Georgina Achilles joins the Dewey Project  as a Graduate Assistant working with the ALIVE Program (see page 3). Georgina is enrolled as a graduate student in the UVM Counseling Program. As an undergraduate at Johnson State College, Georgina was active with the campus Center for Service Learning, which provided her countless opportunities to learn about and engage in the local and global communities.  From there, Georgina served for two years as an AmeriCorps*VISTA with Vermont Campus Compact. As a VISTA, her project was to start-up a non-profit, the Volunteer Center of Lamoille Valley, in a rural region of Northern Vermont. Being born and raised in Vermont, Georgina feels fortunate to have this opportunity to work with ALIVE and do something constructive in her home state. 

     Stephanie Flores is a new affiliated-member of the John Dewey Project this academic year.  She joins us here at the University of Vermont as a Pre-doctoral Fellow through the New England Board of Higher Education, whose purpose is to encourage minority graduate students at the end of their doctoral careers to pursue faculty positions in New England. 
     She is completing her degree through The Lynch School of Education at Boston College.  Her dissertation is entitled, “Preservice teachers and media literacy education: Their knowledge, skills, and experience.” She will contribute to the Dewey Project through the monograph and colloquium series, where she will discuss her current research.