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Richard A. Brosio
Ball State University

Expertise: philosophy of education

Richard A. Brosio is Professor of Secondary and Foundations of Education at Ball State University. Richard’s first publication, The Relationship of Dewey’s Pedagogy to His Concept of Community (1972) set the stage for the rest of his scholarly productivity.  This work focused upon the relationships between schools in the US and the formally democratic polity, as well as the capitalist dominated economy.  Brosio’s A Radical Democratic Critique of Capitalist Education (1994) features chapters on both Dewey and Marx.  His continuing theme can be described as the incompatible imperatives of capitalism and democracy upon schools in countries characterized by representative democratic polities and capitalism.

In April of 1999, Brosio submitted the following summary of his current work: "My present emphasis is on the possibilities for progressive citizens and educators to articulate our theories, values, and plans for action in ways that are understandable to the diverse American society.  More specifically, I intend to study the literature dealing with "civil society" so that I can determine better whether, or not, capitalist totalism is making our progressive democratic tradition continuously less effective as ideas, processes, and institutions around which – and within – we can organize our lives.  The roles of the school and education in the broader sense will be given special attention".