Physics 341: Solid State Physics
General Information

Lecturer: Prof. Dennis Clougherty
Address: Cook Physical Science Building A516
Telephone: (802) 656-0063
Email: dennis.clougherty(at)
Office Hours T 12-1, W 1-3


Lecture TR10-11:15Cook 402

Course Prerequisite

Physics 273, 241

Course Text

Quantum Theory of Solids, C. Kittel

Intro to Solid State Theory, O. Madelung

These texts are available for purchase at the UVM Bookstore.

Optional References

Solid State Physics, N. Ashcroft and N.D. Mermin
Condensed Matter Physics, M. Marder
Principles of Condensed Matter Physics, P. Chaiken and T. Lubensky
Concepts in Solids: Lectures on the Theory of Solids, P.W. Anderson
(These are available on reserve in the Bailey-Howe Library.)


There will be approximately a problem set each week. Solutions will be distributed in class.


There will be a mid-term examination and a comprehensive final examination offered. The mid-term exam is scheduled for Thursday evening March 5 6:15-9 PM in Cook A402, and the final is scheduled for May 8-11 AM. The final grade will be based on the homework and the two exams.

Course Outline

A course outline is given here.