Physics 274: Applications of Quantum Mechanics
General Information

Lecturer: Prof. Dennis Clougherty
Address: Discovery Hall W307
Telephone: (802) 656-0063
Email: dennis.clougherty(at)
Office Hours W 1-3 and by appointment


Lecture MWF10:50-11:40Lafayette L307

Course Prerequisites

Physics 273

Course Text

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, 3rd edition, D.J. Griffiths

This text is available for purchase at the UVM Bookstore and online.

Optional References

Quantum Physics, S. Gasiorowicz
Lectures on Quantum Mechanics, G. Baym (a little advanced for this course, but worth a peek)
The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. 3, R. Feynman, R. Leighton and M. Sands
Principles of Quantum Mechanics, H. Ohanian
Paradigms in Physics: Quantum Mechanics, D.H. McIntyre, C.A. Manogue and J. Tate


There will be approximately a problem set each week. Solutions will be distributed in class.


There will be two quizzes and a comprehensive final examination offered. The quizzes are scheduled for 2/15 and 3/22. The final exam date is currently pending, but it will be posted once the date is finalized by the Registrar. The final grade will be based on the homework, quizzes and final exam.

Course Outline

Applications of quantum mechanics including quantum statistical mechanics, time-independent and time-dependent perturbation theory, WKB approximation, variational principle and scattering.

Additional Information