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Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed matter physics broadly concerns the study of the properties of solids and liquids. Research in condensed matter physics theory attempts to elucidate the connection between microscopic laws and macroscopic behavior. The richness and complexity of the properties of matter we observe stem from interactions between the large numbers of degrees of freedom in the microscopic system. This is also the primary source of difficulty in analyzing such systems.

Dr. Clougherty's research in theoretical condensed matter physics focuses on the dynamics of quantum systems with application to electronic, magnetic, optical, structural, and thermal properties of nanoscale materials (e.g. fullerene-derived solids and carbon nanotubes). His basic research also includes: the investigation of low energy scattering of atoms and molecules from surfaces and systems with many internal degrees of freedom (quantum sticking and quantum reflection); and the development of new methods for studying quantum many-body systems, such as new extensions of density functional theory to van der Waals systems.

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