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Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Physics 128
Physics 128: Waves and Quanta
General Information

Lecturer: Prof. Dennis Clougherty
Address: Cook Physical Science Building A405
Telephone: (802) 656-2644
Email: dennis.clougherty(at)
Office Hours W 1-3 and by appointment

Brief Description

Special relativity, waves as particles, particles as waves, the Schrodinger equation and its applications.


Lecture MWF9:35-10:25Cook 402

Course Prerequisites

Physics 042 or 152; Math 121

Course Text

Modern Physics, R. Harris

This text is available for purchase at the UVM Bookstore.

Optional References

Modern Physics, J. Bernstein, P. Fishbane and S. Gasiorowicz
Modern Physics, H. Ohanian
Vibrations and Waves, A. French
The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. 3, R.P. Feynman, R.B. Leighton and M.L. Sands
(These are available in the Bailey-Howe Library.)


There will be approximately a problem set each week. Solutions will be distributed in class.


There will be three in-class quizzes and a final examination offered. The quizzes will be given on 10/7, 11/4 and 12/2 during class. A formula sheet will be included with each quiz. The final is scheduled for December 8-11 AM. The final grade will be based on the homework (30%), the quizzes (35%) and the final exam (35%).
Please note that the rules and regulations concerning academic honesty are contained in the UVM Code of Academic Integrity. Students are expected to comply with this code, together with the UVM Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Course Outline

A course outline is given here.


Here are links to relevant sites: Physics 130 (This is the companion laboratory course. It is organized by Mr. Warnock, and it is taken as a separate course from Physics 128.)

A companion website with supplementary materials is found here.

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