Coolidge Tube 2
 This x-ray tube is a high vacuum, water cooled, direct current tube that operated in the 150 - 200 kv, 10 - 30 ma range. The tube is 37" long and 5" in diameter at the center. The date of manufacture for this tube is  somewhere between 1928 - 1938, as indicated by the screw-cap base . Discoloration in the glass indicates extensive use. The orange tint of the discolored area indicates a high sodium glass. This tube would have been used for x-ray therapy.
The cathode is to the right in the picture and the anode to the left, from which the cooling water connections can be seen on the end of the tube.
The dimple that apears to be on the surface of the tube just to the left of the screw-cap is an internal glass tube used to evacuate the tube during manufacture.
"XP - T  Coolidge Tube  GE Made In U.S.A."
"U.S. Patents  1,211,091   1,253,156  1,326,029   1,655,455  Other Patents Pending This tube is not licensed to be re-exhausted or repaired, nor is the metal  therein contained licsensed to be used except in this particular tube.  General Electric Corp. Chicago Ill. U.S.A."  U.S. patent 1,655,455 was granted to William D. Coolidge in 1928.
Departmental inventory number on the anode.


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