Coolidge Tube 3
 Manufactured by General Electric, this Coolidge tube  was used for diagnostic x-rays and is a high vaccum tube. It measures 21 1/2" long and 7" in diameter. This tube dates to around 1917 - 27, as the evacuation nipple is present. The purple tint of the glass indicates the presence of potassium in the glass. The anode is to the right and shows damage from the electron beam. The cathode to the left. The high voltage connection on the anode is somewhat unusual. The electrical connection on the cathode is a srew-cap type.
This tube was purchased in 1936 at the cost of $40.00.

 "Patented Jan 31 '11  Feb 27 '12  Dec 30 '13  May 12 '15  Oct 30 '16  jan 2 '17  Patents Pending This tube is not licsensed to be re-exhausted or repaired, nor is the metal  therein contained licsensed to be used except in this particular tube.  General Electric Co. Schenectady N.Y. U.S.A."


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