Machlett Tube
 This shielded high vacuum x-ray tube was produced by E. Machlett & Son (founded 1897), early producers of  commercial x-ray tubes in the United States. The tube measures 19"  long and 4 1/2" around at the middle and dates to about 1930 - 1935. (picture of tube without shielding) It is a high vaccum tube that ran at 60 kv dc,  5-10 ma and was used for diagnostic x-rays or light theraputic use (such as surface lesions). The cathode is to the left and the anode to the right. A multi-layered heat sink screws into the anode assembly. The tube is encased in a molded 3/8" thick lead  glass sleave  that is bolted together at the center. The cathode is connected to the filament voltage with a standard male electrical plug type connector.
"Machlett"  "MR39445" on the anode.
"MR -50"  "Patent No. 1590971" Patented in 1926.
Deparment inventory number D126E


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