Coolidge Tube 1
 This high vaccum Coolidge tube was made by the Victor X-ray Corp. Chicago Il. for General Electric. The tube measures 21" long and  6-1/2" around at the middle. It operated at about  80kv and was used for diagnostic purposes. This is a fairly early tube as the evacuation port is present and dates to between 1917 and 1925. General Electric bought Victor in the early 1920's. The anode is at the top and the cathode is at the bottom of the picture. The violet tint in the glass indicates the presence of  potassium. The electrical connection to the cathode filament is made by a lightbulb cap.
"Coolidge  Tube Made in U.S.A.  Victor  68342"
"Patented Jan 2, 1917"
"Fine"  The word "Fine" indicates the tube produced a focused line shaped target spot.
Department inventory number D128E.


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