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The TechCATs Program

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a TechCAT!

Fall 2014

The goal of TechCATs Program (Technology Collaborative Action Teams) is to match faculty who want to integrate more technology into their teaching with students—"TechCATs"—who can help them. TechCATs are employed by and receive training from the Center for Teaching & Learning. When faculty apply to the program, the CTL reviews their needs and, if their application is approved, pairs them with a TechCAT who has the appropriate skills for their project.

These partnerships are mutually rewarding because:

  1. Faculty broaden their teaching options, enrich their students' learning opportunities, and increase their own technology skills, and
  2. TechCATs gain, under CTL mentorship, real employment experience while developing professional skills in teamwork, communication, and technology.

TechCATs support might include:

Apply to work with
a TechCAT!

Some TechCATs also provide one-on-one, walk-in support to faculty at the CTL’s “Dr Is In” Program, 303 Bailey/Howe.

Faculty and students who are interested in this program or have questions may contact:

Henrie Paz-Amor hpazamor@uvm.edu or
Hope Greenberg hope.greenberg@uvm.edu