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UVM Graduate Teaching Program

On this page:

UVM’s Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL), Writing in the Disciplines Program (WID), and the Graduate College invite graduate students to participate in this program. Graduate students completing the program can earn formal recognition from the Graduate College.

This program, designed for graduate students who are interested in pursuing teaching in higher education, provides:

The Teaching Portfolio is the capstone experience of the program. Its preparation encourages development of reflective teaching practices and will document participation in the program. Portfolio components include:

What are the Program’s Requirements?

The program major components are:

* written reflection papers must be provided for each workshop and observation attended

Please see program details, below, for more information on each requirement.

What is the timeframe for completing the program?

We allow a maximum of two years to complete the program. Additional time to complete the program must be approved by the GTP coordinator, Holly Parker.

How do I apply to the program?

All graduate students are welcome to attend any workshop, however only those accepted into the program will be eligible to receive official recognition of program completion.

→ Apply: We are not currently accepting applications. Applications will be re-opened in May of 2015

Program Details
  1. Teaching in Higher Education Workshop

    This two-hour session is open to all graduate students and faculty. In the session, participants will be introduced to the Graduate Teaching Program and will learn how to develop a broad view of pedagogy and learning. Participants will be invited to network with other graduate teaching assistants who are interested in pedagogy. This workshop will be held once in the Fall semester and once in the Spring semester.

    Workshop topics include:

  2. Seven Professional Development Workshops
    Program participants must attend seven teaching development workshops sponsored by the CTL, WID, CUPs, or CCP, or other approved professional development workshops from your department or program. Participants will write a reflection of each of the workshops, including what they learned and what they plan to implement in their own teaching.

    The seven required workshops must include:

    View program events

    » Events Calendar for the Center for Teaching & Learning and the Writing in the Disciplines program

    » Events Calendar for the Center for Cultural Pluralism

    » Events Calendar for Community-University Partnerships & Service

    Contact Holly.Parker@uvm.edu if you have any questions.

  3. Higher Education Teaching Experience (at least one semester)
    Program participants need to teach in some capacity (i.e., lab, discussion group, entire course) for at least one semester. Documentation of teaching experience includes: a course syllabus, student evaluations, and a 3–5 page written reflection focusing on the teaching experience

  4. Observing Teaching Excellence
    This category of activities involves observing and reflecting on classroom teaching practices. Each GTA/F will observe TWO faculty members on campus teaching a class. These faculty members must be recipients of either the Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award or the George V. Kidder Outstanding Faculty Award, or (other faculty at the discretion of the department chair or program coordinator). Following the observations, the graduate student will write will write a 3-5 page analytical summary of the experience including a descriptive observation, an interpretation of the observation and a summary of what they gained from this experience.

  5. Teaching Portfolio
    The teaching portfolio will serve as a container for the graduate student’s experience. It assists participants in documenting and articulating their pedagogical skills and knowledge, and helps them prepare to represent themselves on the job market as both a content specialist and a knowledgeable teacher. The components of the Teaching Portfolio are:

Questions or more information needed? Please contact Holly Parker at the Center for Teaching and Learning, holly.parker@uvm.edu.