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iClickers: What are they? How are they used?

What is an iClicker?
The iClicker ( is one brand in a classification of tools referred to as "classroom response systems." Essentially, the iClicker is an electronic polling technology that allows students to give instant feedback or answers to questions during class (by choosing A, B, C, D, or E on a handheld device).

When a button is pushed, a signal is sent to a receiving "base station" that is connected to a computer. Faculty can opt to display students’ collective responses to the class.

How are iClickers used?
Instructors use clickers in the classroom in a variety of ways:

take attendance
review/check understanding of material
facilitate think-pair-share activities
spark discussion
setup for dismantling a common misconception about a concept
practice multiple choice questions
get anonymous feedback on sensitive topics
administer multiple choice quizzes

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Experienced iClicker Users, read about important changes here.