The CS-CREW is the preeminent student-led computer science organization at The University of Vermont. Established in 2010 by Anthony Sweet, Mark Cooper, and Beau Cameron, the CS-CREW serves the UVM community by providing free tutoring, pre-registration help sessions, and admitted students presentations. img
     Our lab is situated on the third floor of UVM's Votey building . All visitors are invited to come by room 332 to see what exciting projects our members are working on. This year, we have been spending much of our time designing our own content management system (CMS) for this website. Please have a look at our Projects page to see what else we've been up to.

To continue our good work, we encourage all prospective and currently admitted students to one of UVM's Comp Sci programs, to join our group. The CS-Crew represents the best bridge between a student's academic life, and their future careers. Together we work as a team, educating each other about real-world applications often not studied in the course of the typical CS student's studies. Working on crew projects, students are introduced to version control systems, web-server applications, and game engines, subjects not directly taught in most CS cirrulicums.

For students interested in joining, come by Votey 332 at the beginning of the semester to help us choose which projects we will work on during that semester, or drop us a line by filling our our contact form.

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