CSCrew News

Pre-Registration Success


It was a packed room in Votey 332 last night as the CS-Crew delivered another pre-registration talk aimed at helping younger CS students get the classes they want with the professors they need. Pizza was had, questions were answered, and overall the night was a rousing success. Read More

Student Advising Night


This semester's student advising night will occur on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 7:00 pm in Votey 332. Student advising night is a chance for all students to get first hand knowledge about classes and professors before enrollment for the spring semester begins. We will be closing the doors, kicking out the professors and lecturers, and giving you the raw and unfiltered truths about CS courses before you sign up. Come get some pizza and an earful with the CSCREW. Read More

Student Advising Night 10/30/2013


Project Night Announced


Computer Science Students Take HackVT for the Win


In 332 Votey Hall, computer science majors have a room of their own. It's the home of the student organization CS Crew, a service-based group with a mission to provide programming help to those who need it and to connect computer science students with each other. Both of those goals were in mind when a handful of the crew's members joined a competition to work together to build an app for the state of Vermont. Their team, "Collateral Damage," took home the prize for best student effort: a c…Read More

Peer To Peer Advising Night


The UVM Computer Science Crew (CS Crew) held its 4th semesterly peer advising night on April 4th.

E-mail invitations to undergraduates in the CS department and promises of pizza yielded a turnout of 23 students. CS Juniors and Seniors offered their insights into the courses and the instructors teaching them. Students were encouraged to engage their instructors and to take advantage of office hours offered by their instructors and the CS Crew.

We look forward to see…Read More