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Center for Research on Vermont
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Margaret Tamulonis

Chair, Center Board of Directors
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Center for Research on Vermont Community Research Fellows

Kevin Thornton
Wendy Geller

Kevin Thorton is a well-known Vermont historian who has taught a number of courses at UVM, published Vermont scholarly work and is the historian for the Stephen Douglas Birthplace and Museum in Brandon. Kevin’s Center research project is titled “Death in the Wilderness, a Love Story” which considers the transformation of private mourning to public memory in Brandon, Vermont from 1860 to 1900 in relation to the devastating consequences of the Civil War.

Wendy Geller is a sociologist who will be continuing her work on the Vermont Roots Migration Project – this project is exploring questions like why do some Vermont youth choose to stay in Vermont as adults? What factors push or pull youth to leave the state? Who returns to Vermont to settle down and why? The project aims to investigate these questions by examining the approximately 4,000 responses gathered this spring from former Vermont high school students.

Board of Directors List