Vermont Studies Program

The Vermont Studies Program is a collection of courses with a Vermont focus that encourages students to use the backdrop of Vermont as a living laboratory for learning. Courses with significant Vermont content are offered in different programs and colleges across the University.

Spring 2016 VS Class Schedule.

What is the Vermont Studies Minor?

The Vermont Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that integrates Vermont-related courses taught throughout the University. Students can examine Vermont as a microcosm of the world at large through humanities, social sciences, the natural sciences, or the environment. At the same time, students develop and refine skills that help them interpret Vermont data and phenomenon and apply them both inside and outside the state.

Courses and faculty are found in Community Development, History, Natural Resources, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Political Science, Geography, Geology, Social Work, and Education.


Vermont Studies faculty work closely with students to tailor the minor to students' interests and areas of study. Students may conduct independent readings and research courses to help complete the minor. In addition, courses may be substituted for the requirements (see Richard Watts,

VS 055 / GEOL 055 Environmental Geology
VS 192 / GEOG 192 Vermont Field Studies
VS 092 / GEOG 061 Geography of Vermont
VS 164 / ANTH 164Indians of the NE: Vermont
VS 123 / POLS 123 The Vermont Political System
VS 158 / HIST 158 History of New England
VS 184 / HIST 184 Vermont History
VS 160 / ENGS 178 Literature of Vermont

Completion of two additional courses from an approved list, in consultation with the Vermont Studies Director. A list of these courses is available on the Registrar's website, under "Vermont Studies". These courses vary widely from Social Work to Wildlife Tracking to Community Development.

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Please contact Vermont Studies Director Richard Watts:, (802) 656-9775.