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Center for Research on Vermont Nuquist Award Recipients
Nuquist Award Recipients

for Outstanding Student Research on a Vermont Topic


Note: Copies of papers submitted in competitions are available in Special Collections in the Bailey/Howe Library at The University of Vermont.

Student Year Advisor(s) Institution Title
Jack Braunstein 2017 Ingrid Nelson (Geography) University of Vermont
Shannon K. Esrich (Anthropology) 2015 Teresa Mares (Anthropology) University of Vermont "Gone to Market: Perceptions, Motivations, and Values of Farmers Market Participants in Burlington, Vermont"
Neil Brandt 2014 Stephanie Kaza (Environmental Studies) University of Vermont "Changing Actors and Discourse: An Analysis of Ten Years of Media Coverage In Vermont's Wind Power Debate"
Victoria Kulwicki 2013 Dr. Thomas R. Hudspeth (Environmental Studies)

Dr. Ernesto Mendez (Agroecology)
University of Vermont "Reaping a Profit: An Analysis of Marketing Techniques Used by Local, Organic Farmers in Vermont"
Kristin Haas 2012 Peggy Nelson (Sociology) Middlebury College "Neighborly Relations: the Production of Positive and Negative Social Capital in a Low-Income Housing Community"
Rachel Zakrasek 2011 Michael Sheriden (Sociology and Anthropology)Middlebury College "Vulnerability and Adaptation in Vermont: Agriculture, Society, Ecology, and Climate Change"
Andrew Turgeon 2010 Cheryl Morse (Geography) University of Vermont "Young People’s Place in Community: Cross-Examining Teenagers’ Identities, Space and Social Differences in Southern Vermont"
Elizabeth Kelley
Jonathan Isham, Jr.
(Economics and Environmental Studies)
Middlebury College
"The Implications of the Greening of Social Capital: Evidence from Bristol, Vermont"
Benjamin "Jamie" Robins
Special Mention
Amy Morsman (History)
Middlebury College
"Three Schools, Three Outcomes: The Students' Army Training Corps at Middlebury, Dartmouth, and the University of Vermont"
Lisa Gerstenberger
Michael Sheridan
Middlebury College
"Changing Attitudes Towards Farmland Conservation Easements in Addison County, Vermont"
Kyle Brooks
Special Mention
Gary Lord (History)
Norwich University
"Training Citizen-Soldiers: Norwich University's Contributions to the Vermont Militia System, 1819–1865"
Alison Brady
Travis Jacobs
Middlebury College
"White Gold in the Green Mountains: The Evolution of Vermont's Dairy Industry"
Asher Burns-Burg
Jonathan Isham, Jr.
(Economics and Environmental Studies)
Middlebury College "Empowering Environmentalism: A Socioeconomic Analysis of Energy Consumption; Awareness, Attitudes and Actions in Vermont"
Lauren Throop 2005
Richard Wolfson
Middlebury College "A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Wind Energy Potential at Middlebury College's Worth Mountain"
James LaMonda 2004
Gary Lord (History)
Jack Anderson (Adjunct Faculty)
Norwich University
"Closing the Backdoor to Washington: Vermont Civil War Soldiers in the Shenandoah Valley, 1864"
Robin Lane 2003 Michael Sherman Vermont College of Union Institute & University "Understanding Act 60: An Objective Look at the Content, Context, and Implications of Vermont's Current Education Finance Legislation"
Elaine Vidal 2002 Elizabeth (Ibit) Getchell
(Environmental Program)
University of Vermont "Urban Sanctuary: The Value of Natural Areas"
Jessica Wasilewski 2002 Jonathan Isham (Economics)
Jessica Holmes (Economics)
Middlebury College "Low-Income Credit Rationing and Social Return on Investment: Welfare-to-Work Car Loans in the State of Vermont"
No recipient 2001

No recipient 2000

Irina Marinov 1999 Thomas Manley (Geology),
Robert Prigo (Physics)
Middlebury College "Wind-generated Oscillations in Lake Champlain"
Rachel Boisvert
and Rachel Pierce
1998 Daniel Bean
(Emeritus, Biology)
St. Michael's College "Revisit to a Polluted Stream: LaPlatte River Water Quality, 1962 and 1996, as Determined by Benthos Communities"
James D. Brown IV 1997 Carl Reidel (Environmental Program), Jeffrey Hannigan (Art) University of Vermont "Ecological Site Planning and Design for a Vermont Community Growth Center: A Case Study of Taft Corners, Williston, Vermont"
Duncan Eccleston - co-recipient 1996 Tyler Priest
Middlebury College "Otter Creek: The Changing Vision of a Middlebury Resource"
Joseph Morel - co-recipient 1996 Jere Daniell
Dartmouth College "Governing a Republic: Vermont State Government, 1777–1791"
Scott Thompson 1995 Thomas Manley
Middlebury College "Documenting the Effects of the Internal Seiche in Lake Champlain on a Shallow Bay: Thompson's Point Bay, Lake Champlain, Vermont"
Jeffrey L. Chapman 1994 Theodore Sasson (Sociology-Anthropology) Middlebury College "State Lotteries: Harmless Fun or Social Plague? A Study of People's Impressions of the Vermont Lottery"
Margaret C. Kline 1993 James Ralph (History) Middlebury College "Modernity and Morality: Middlebury in the 1920s"
Amy Hillier 1992 Nancy Beadie (History) Middlebury College "Who Should Attend to Everybody's Business?: Democracy in Middlebury's Schools"
Steven Sgorbati 1991 Holman Jordan, Jr. (History) Castleton State College "Hyde Manor: The Early Years"
Peter R. Wilshusen 1990 Carl Reidel
(Environmental Program)
University of Vermont "A Foundation for Cooperation—The Biosphere Reserve Concept as a Model for Environmental Cooperation in the Lake Champlain/Adirondack Region"
Michael Grimm 1989 Jean R. Flack & Richard R. Paradis (Environmental Program) University of Vermont "The Geo-ecological Significance of Pease Mountain, Charlotte, Vermont"
George Cabot Lee II 1988 Susan Gray (History) Middlebury College "The Billings, Mason, and Woodward Houses of Woodstock: Rural Taste and Pattern Book Democracy in Nineteenth Century Vermont"
Karen Stites 1987 J. Kevin Graffagnino (Special Collections) University of Verrmont "Isaac Clark of Castleton: A Controversial Figure in Early Vermont History"
Penny E. Hamlet 1986 Kenneth Lipartito (History) Middlebury College "`Pre-Progressivism': Farm Activism in Vermont from 1870 to 1900"
Kevin O'Connor 1985 Ernest Muller (History) Bates College "Bloodroots: The Impact of Transportation on the Town of Brattleboro, Vermont"
Christine M. Peleszak 1984 Jean Flack (Environmental Program) University of Vermont "The Abandonment of Leicester Hollow"
Becky J. Dorsey 1983 Rolfe Stanley (Geology) University of Vermont "Geological Synthesis of the Milton Quadrangle, North-western Vermont: A New Interpretation"
Harold Burroughs 1982 Blanche Linden (History) Middlebury College "Vermont and the Sectionalist Movement in New England, 1800-1815: The State's Isolation from Regional Unity"

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