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Art Woolf: Vermont's Changing Demographics

Vermont’s aging population, low birth rates and shrinking work-force have drawn the attention of policy-makers and citizens. The changing demographics will have profound impacts on the state’s economic and social structures. UVM Economics Professor Art Woolf has been studying the issue for years, presenting the first warnings ...

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Fleming Exhibit Brings Civil War Alive

Vermont played a critical role in the Civil War, sending soldiers and supplies to the battles in the south. At one time, 10 percent of Vermont’s total population was fighting in the war – the highest per capita service of any state. This stemmed in part from Vermonters early opposition to slavery and active participation in ...

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Teresa Mares on Vermont Migrant Workers and Isolation

Immigration and border issues have long-been a critical part of America’s cultural present and past. Here in Vermont, migrant workers have been intensely involved with aspects of food production, especially within the dairy industry. Today, more than half the state’s milk, for example, is produced with help from migrant ...

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Luis Vivanco on How Biking Can Change the World

In his research, University of Vermont professor Luis Vivanco, has been one of the first cultural anthropologists to take a serious look at the bicycle and its cultural dimensions.

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Talk Less and Say More –Vermont Proverbs & Wolfgang Mieder

“A dog is a man’s best friend, but a good cow is more help at the table.” 

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