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The Vermont Studies Program is a collection of courses with a Vermont focus that encourages students to use the backdrop of Vermont as a living laboratory for learning. Courses with significant Vermont content are offered in different programs and colleges across the University.There are many courses that meet this requirment. Some are listed here but any course with more than 50% Vermont content would count. Your ideas welcome!

Some of the Spring 2017 VS Courses.

What is the Vermont Studies Minor?

The Vermont Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that integrates Vermont-related courses taught throughout the University. Students can examine Vermont as a microcosm of the world at large through humanities, social sciences, the natural sciences, or the environment. Vermont studies minors generally take applied and experential learning classes that give them hands-on-experience in the "laboratory of Vermont."

Courses and faculty are found in Community Development, History, Natural Resources, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Political Science, Geography, Geology, Social Work, Sociology, Ecomomics, Communications and Education.


Vermont Studies faculty work closely with students to tailor the minor to students' interests and areas of study. Students may conduct independent readings and research courses to help complete the minor.

  • Minors must take eighteen credit hours
  • Introduction to Vermont, VS 52
  • Five courses with significant Vemont content (+50%). This could include History of Vermont, Literature of Vermont, Geography of Vermont, Field Studies of Vermont and more -- for the spring see schedule above for classes that fit. Your ideas are also welcome.

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Please contact Vermont Studies Director Richard Watts:, (802) 656-9775.

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