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2014 Spring Seminar Series

May 7

"The Vermont Difference: Perspectives from the Green Mountain State"

J. Kevin Graffagnino, Member, Center for Research on Vermont, Nicholas Muller, Member, Center for Research on Vermont. David Donath, Member, Center for Research on Vermont & former long-time Center Coordinator Kristin Peterson-Ishaq

April 15

"Improving Health Outcomes: The Use of Vermont Medical Data To Improve Health Care Decision-Making"

Chris Jones, Assistant Professor, Health Economist, Department of Surgery, University of Vermont

March 25

"Teens, Technology, and Transportation: A Vermont Case Study"

Brian Lee, Assistant Professor, Engineering & Meghan Cope, Professor & Chair; Department of Geography, University of Vermont

February 25 

"How Do We Prevent High-Risk Offenders From Returning To Crime? Vermont's Innovative Restorative Reintegration Strategy"

Kathryn J. Fox, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Vermont

2013 Fall Seminar Series 

September 26 - Digging Vermont: Exploring the 14th - 16th Centuries of Native Settlement in the Champlain Valley -- James B. Petersen First Annual Archaeology Lecture

John Crock, Professor, Anthropology

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Archaeologist John Crock, Director of the University of Vermont Consulting Archaeology Program, talks about recent ground-breaking discoveries from the Lake Champlain valley of Vermont. Lecture and discussion. This is the first lecture of an annual series to honor beloved Vermont archaeologist Jim Petersen.

Sponsored by The Vermont Archaeology Heritage Center and UVM Department of Anthropology

October 16 - Eating Far From Home: Migrant Foodways in Vermont

Pablo Bose, Professor, Geography

Teresa Mares, Professor, Anthropology

UVM faculty Pablo Bose and Teresa Mares speak about their research on food and migration in Vermont, particularly their involvement with two community projects – one that works with refugees on urban farming and another that works with migrant workers on kitchen gardening. Through this talk, Dr.’s Bose and Mares will provide a deeper understanding of the connections among food, culture and

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Sponsored by the Fleming Museum and the Center for Research on Vermont

October 28 - PAT LEAHY: A Targeted Biography

Philip Baruth, Professor, English

Philip Baruth discusses and reads selections from his work in progress, a life of Vermont's senior Senator, whose career in the U.S. Senate spans four decades and who now stands third in line to the Presidency.

Sponsored by the English Department and the Center for Research on Vermont

2013 Spring Series: The University In Vermont: Collaborations, Challenges and Commitments

UVM is Vermont's public research university and land-grant college.  It is both a public and private institution, serving Vermonters and students from around the world. Its service, research and educational programs involve collaborations with Vermont communities and with communities around the globe. What contributions does UVM make to science, arts, and society? What challenges does it face? What new possiblities are emerging? This forum provides an opportunity to discuss UVM's past, present, and future engagements and our commitments to Vermont and the world.


March 19 - UVM and Vermont's Cultural Heritage

UVM programs have played an important role preserving, promoting, and sharing Vermont's cultural heritage. Panelists representing these programs will discuss accomplishmnents, challenges, and directions for the future. The panel will be moderated by Ann Cousins of The Preservation Trust of Vermont.

Jeffrey Marshall, Director, UVM Research Collections and University Archivist

Christina Fearon, Curator of Education and Public Programs, Fleming Museum

John Crock, Director, UVM Consulting Archaeology Program

Tom Visser, Director, UVM Historic Preservation

Ann Cousins, The Preservation Trust of Vermont

March 26 - UVM and the State of Vermont: Moving Forward on the "Shumlin Report"

An advisory panel appointed by Governor Shulmin recently reported that the futures of the State of Vermont and the University of Vermont are "inextricably linked" yet the current state of affairs is unsustainable. This panel of state and university leaders will address the challenges and new initiatives proposed in the "Shumlin Report" of 2012.  How should the state and UVM work together?

Armando Vilaseca, Secretary, Vermont Agency of Education

Lawrence Miller, Secretary, Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development

Chip Cole, Interim Dean, UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Emerson Lynn, Editor, St Albans Messenger

Tom Gustafson, Vice President, UVM Student and Community Relations


April 9 - UVM and the Future of Vermont's Agriculture

Agricultural leaders will present their visions of Vermont's farming future, including challenges, potential collaborations, and areas for new research and entrepreneurship.

Doug Lantagne, Dean, UVM Extension

Chuck Ross, Secretary, VT Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets

Enid Wonnacott, Director, Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermotnt (NOFA)

Tom Vogelmann, Dean, UVM College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Roger Allbee, Former Secretary, VT Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets

Vern Grubinger, Professor and Small Fruit and Vegetable Specialist, UVM Extension

April 23 - The Emergence of Vermont's Artisan Cheese Industry: A Case Study in Collaboration

Panelists will discuss the rewards of engaged, collaborative research on Vermont artisan cheese, both for scholars and cheesemakers alike.

Amy Trubek, Director, UVM Food Systems Masters Program

Paul Kindstedt, UVM Nutrition and Food Science

John Barlow, UVM Animal Sciences

DJ D'Amico, Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese

May 2 - Culture Clash: Acknowledging Where Vermonters Don't See Eye to Eye

Jane Lindholm,  Host, Vermont Edition, VT Public Radio

After 20 years away, living and traveling in places as varied as Nairobi, Los Angeles, and Bangkok, Vermont native Jane Lindholm found herself back in her home state, renting an apartment in a house in Charlotte. It was in that seemingly mundane location that she witnessed the most profound culture clash of her life. Using her own experience as backdrop, Lindholm explores where class, race, and culture collide in Vermont and why she thinks we don't do enough to acknowledge our cultural differences.

Fall 2012 Seminar Series

September 27 - Major Valentine's Swedes

Paul Searls, Professor of History and Music, Lyndon State College

In 1890, Vermont's Commissioner of Agricultural and Manufacturing Interests, Alonzo B. Valentine, launched a program to repopulate Vermont's 'abandoned' farms with farmers recruited from Scandinavia. The program brought a handful of Swedes to three towns in the state, was immediately discontinued, and generally has been dismissed, both by contemporaries and by historians, as a preposterous fiasco. But, in fact, the program had a remarkable legacy, both in terms of its impact on the promotion of summer tourism, and as measured by the subsequent lives of the Swedes and their descendants, many of whom remain in Vermont to this day. In this talk, Paul Searls will explore the bizarre and ironic story of Vermont's Swedish colonists, what the program has to teach us about that transitional era in Vermont's history, whether the program brilliantly accomplished what Valentine hoped for it all along, and what we can learn about twentieth-century Vermont as the Swedes became Vermontesr! This program is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Samuel B. Hand.

          co-sponsored by the Center of the Research on Vermont and UVM's History Department

October 9 - Of Wheelmen, The New Woman, and Good Roads: Historical Perspectives on Bicycling in Burlington, 1880-1920 

Luis Vivanco, Associate Professor of Anthropology, and Director, Global and Regional Studies, UVM

Dr. Vivanco will present his research on bicycle travel in Vermont from 1880-1920.

          co-sponsored by the Center of the Research on Vermont and UVM's Transportation Research Center

November 13 - Election 2012: The Impacts of the Results on Vermont and Vermonters

Professor Eric Davis, Middlebury College, will moderate a panel of journalists to discuss the probably impact of the 2012 voting result onour lives here in Vermont. Outstanding news and political reporters from Vermont media will participate in a roundtable discussion. Come hear Hamilton Davis, journalist and author and former managing editor of the Burlington Free Press; Kristin Carlson, WCAX TV; Andy Bromage, Seven Days; Bob Kinzel, Vermont Public Radio; and Sam Hemingway, Burlington Free Press.

Spring 2012 Seminar Series

Watch all the seminars on the web at

January 31 - Digitizing Historical Vermont Films: New Life for Old Films

Paul Carnahan, Librarian, Leahy Library, Vermont Historical Society

Fred Pond, Reference Librarian, Dana Medical Libary, UVM

Dorothy Thompson's Farm Work is War Work (1942) promotes work on Vermont farms to coming of age teenagers, with an agenda to support the war effort.  A Town Solves a Problem (1947) is a U.S. Army production depicting a typical town meeting in day in Pittsford, a more subtle message to post war countries on shared governance. Betsy Ross Bread (1952) and People Make It Happen (1975) are representative of promotion of Vermont industries, showcasing a Montpelier bakery and an Essex Junction IBM plant. Presenters will encourage discussion from attendees on the value of films in researching Vermont history.

February 8 - The Road Not Taken: The Green Mountain Parkway Decision as a "Tipping Point" in the History of Northern New England

Frank Bryan, the John G. McCullough Professor of Political Science, UVM

Professor Bryan will present findings related to his study of Vermont's rejection (by a popular referendum) of a New Deal proposal to build a "skyline drive-like"  highway along the Green Mountains from Massachusetts to Canada.  Greg Guma and Bruce S. Post will provide commentary, context, and lessons that apply to current issues of development and wilderness.

Greg Guma is writer, editor and author of "The People's Republic: Vermont and the Sanders Revolution" and the historical novel, "Spirits of Desire"

Bruce S. Post is the former Director of the Office of Planning, Research and Coordination for the late Vermont Governor Richard A. Snelling

Special Series: Vermont's Energy Future

co-sponsored by the Center of the Research on Vermont and the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

March 14 - The End of Cheap Energy

James Howard Kunstler is  author of "Geography of Nowhere", "Home from Nowhere",  "The Long Emergency" and a number of other books and blogs (  A compelling and forceful truthteller, Kuntsler will lay out a vision of a world dependent on cheap energy and approaching a devastating turning point--a turning point that will return the nation to a place where community matters, where neighbors gather and people build places they value.

Co-sponsored by UVM Transportation Research Center, The Clean Energy Fund, and the Environmental Studies Program

March 21 - Public Meltdown: The Story of Vermont Yankee

Richard Watts, UVM Research Professor in Community Development and Applied Economics, and the Transportation Research Center

Dr. Watts will be introduced by VT Attorney General William Sorrell

Dr. Watts reviews the very public debate around the decision to re-license the Vermont Yankee nuclear power point in Vernon.  Dr Watts charts the evolving discourse around the plant from when it was purchased by Entergy Corporation and the Vermont Senate's 2010 vote to close the plant.  The plant's initial 40-year license expires March 21, 2012.  Dr Watts has recently completed a book by the same name.

March 28 - Diversify and Decentralize: Green Mountain Power's View of the Future

Mary Powell, CEO and President, Green Mountain Power

Green Mountain Power is one of the state’s largest electric utilities with a 100-plus year history in Vermont. In this talk, CEO and President Mary Powell outlines GMP’s strategic vision for their part of Vermont’s energy future – a vision that continues the company’s move towards clean energy, decentralized systems and a diversified power supply. Named CEO in 2008, Powell is one of only five female chief executives of investor-owned industrial utilities in the country.

April 4 - Clean Energy Equals Jobs

David Blittersdorf, President and CEO, AllEarth Renewables

Beth Sachs, co-founder, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

In this talk several prominent business leaders who have built successful enterprises in Vermont based on a new energy paradigm outline their visions for Vermont’s energy future and how that can lead to economic vitality, job growth and cleaner energy. Beth Sachs is the co-founder of the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation which manages electric efficiency programs around the country, employing more than 200 from offices in Burlington, New Jersey, Columbus, Ohio and Washington, DC. David Blittersdorf, a UVM graduate, President and CEO of AllEarth Renewables, a maker of solar panels and wind turbines.

April 11 - Getting to 90 Percent Renewableby 2050

Elizabeth Miller, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Public Service

Tony Klein, Representative to Vermont House and Chair, House Natural Resources and Energy Committee

Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin has set an aggressive goal of getting the state to 90 percent renewable energy by 2050. In this discussion, the Governor’s point person Department of Public Service Commissioner Elizabeth Miller and Representative Tony Klein, a key legislative leader discuss this challenging task and other state energy program and policy issues. Klein (D-East Montpelier) has served ten years in the Vermont State Legislature, eight years on House Natural Resources and Energy Committee and is in his 4th year as chair. Before joining the Department in 2011, Miller was a practicing lawyer and business owner with Spink & Miller PLC in Burlington. A graduate of Yale Law School, Miller has practiced energy law in California as well as Vermont.

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