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Vermont Research Newsletter: Presidential campaigns, lyme disease, declining bird habitat and more

Today's presidential campaigns are fueled by viral videos, online journalism, and social media - ten years ago this was a new phenomenon. Mousepads, Shoe Leather, and Hope: Lessons from the Howard Dean Campaign for the Future of Internet Politics by Vermonters Thomas Streeter and Zephyr Teachout, examines former Vermont governor ...

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Fall Students visit Solar Farm


Why do People Leave Vermont?

This is a question that has challenged Vermont at various times during the last 200 years. Why do people leave? Why do they return? Why do they stay?

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Prisoner release programs that work

Citizens talking face-to-face with their neighbors, hotly debating and settling issues in a public setting “creates the habit of civility and forces us to recognize our common humanity” says town meeting scholar Frank Bryan.

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"Destroying Vermont to Save It:"

Destroying Vermont to save it, Land conservation, the stuggles of young farmers, out-migration and and "Liberty" on Lake Champlain are some of the subjects in seven new video interviews recentlly completed with Vermont researchers. The short (2-3 minute) videos feature conversations with Vermont researchers Gregory Sanford, ...

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