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  Volunteers Ages (18-20) Needed for Brain Resilience in Trauma Exposure Study (BRITE STUDY)
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Lots of people have been through a highly stressful or traumatic experience early on in life. Many move on from these events but some have a hard time doing so. Looking at the brain can help us figure out why two people can have a different reaction to the same event and how to better help those who need it.

Young Adults (ages 18-20) who have been through a highly stressful experience are eligible to participate . Participation involves two days. The first day takes about 3-4 hours and the second day takes about 2 hours (and involves an MRI).

Those who are eligible and participate are compensated $250 and will receive a picture of their brain! Additional compensation is available for travel costs.

Contact 802-656-9196 or see if you can participate online at:

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