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CREAMer Positions 



The President is in charge of running the biweekly meetings and keeping us all on track. They make sure everyone pulls their weight on the team and updates all our signage so that visitors know what is going on. If there are ever internal conflicts, he works with those involved with any issues.

Vice President
They bring in guest speakers from the university and community to teach us about the different aspects of the dairy and agriculture industries. They also bring in treats to celebrate birthdays.


They are responsible for taking thorough notes at each meeting, writing them up into minutes, posting those minutes onto BlackBoard, and reporting the minutes at each meeting.


They are responsible for managing CREAM's finances and monitoring the revenues and expenses of the program. They keep track of invoices and checks that CREAM receives, approves budget changes, and oversees spending. They also purchase items that the group needs and runs the Finance Committee.

Vet Liaisons

They are in charge of being at the barn for vet check every Thursday morning and working with Doctor Alison. They are the direct contacts with the vet if a cow is sick or need treatments. They are also responsible for giving vaccinations at least once a week to the cows and calves if necessary.

Calf/ Heifer-Fitters

They are in charge of halter training the heifers, clipping and cleaning the cows, and keeping track of the cows on the farm. They also make sure the white board, that shows where the all cows are at the barn, is updated.


 They deal mostly with the cleaning, organization, maintenance, and chemical management at the barn. They are responsible for making sure that the chemicals are always full, replacing them when they are not, and taking care of chemical waste. They are the 24/7 fix it for the barn and is the head of the Project committee.

Nutrition Liaison

They monitor tasks related to feeding. This includes updating the amount of grain given to each milking cow, keeping in contact with the farm's nutritionist, testing dry matter intake of the cow's feed, monitoring milk production, and running Productions Committee.


They work with the PC Dart computer system used by dairy production facilities across the industry to record events that have occured in the CREAM dairy herd, such as treatments given to cows, breedings, and calvings. They also register Holstein heifer calves with the Holstein Association when they are born.


They are in charge of all the breeding that happens in CREAM. They are also responsible for running the breeding committee, administers hormone shots to cows and heifers and keeping the breeding calender up to date. They keep track of all fresh cows, all heats in the barn, and keeps the group updated. They also attend vet check with vet liaisons to stay up to date on what is going on with the individul statuses of the cows.


 They connect CREAM with UVM and the local community. They promote the CREAM program, organizes tours to local groups, does calf-on-campus, makes posters and runs the social media. They work closely with the webmaster in promoting the program through many aspects. They are the contact person for anyone who wants to learn about or work with CREAM.


They manage the CREAMer run website and keeps it up to date with all the latest information about CREAM. They put the chores on Facebook every week for the others to look at. They will also work with Outreach to promote CREAM.

Mastitis Liaison

They keep track of mastitis in the herd and sample and CMT any cows that need to be. They plate these samples with Doctor Barlow and report the results back to the group. They make sure that the Somatic Cell Count for the herd is under control and is in relation to the cows.

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