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2017 CREAM Application

Please be sure that you have read the Guidelines for Applicants section before proceeding.

Your Name:
What year are you in school?
Local Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Local Phone:
Home Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Cell Phone:
Where do you attend school?
What is your major?
When do you plan to complete the B.S. degree?
What are your plans after graduation?
If you have prior experience with the dairy industry, please tell us about it.
What other animal or business experience do you have that may benefit CREAM?
How did you find out about CREAM?
Why do you want to be a CREAM member?
What have you done (past work) that would reflect your sense of responsibility?
Please include the name and phone number of a person we can call for a reference.
What can you give to CREAM?
How important is CREAM to your educational plans at UVM?
I chose UVM because I wanted to be in CREAM.
I chose UVM partly because of the CREAM program.
I heard about CREAM after coming here and feel it would add to my educational program.
I just learned about CREAM and would like to take it if I can fit it in.
I think CREAM is really important for my educational goals.
I think experiental learning courses like CREAM are the most valuable.
CREAM requires active participation by all members (at least 20 hours/week).
It requires a major commitment to CREAM- the business, the cows and to other CREAMers! (4 chores and 3 business/committee meetings per week- about 20 hours a week)
Are you willing to make and keep this time commitment? Yes No
Please list any other major commitments (15 hours/week or more) that you have made recently.
How many credits will you be taking when you plan to participate in CREAM?
What courses?
How many hours per week will you be spending at a part time job?
What extracurricular activities will you be involved in?
Do you have access to transportation to the UVM Farm at 3:30 am? Yes No

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