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Meet the CREAMers 2016

Meet the 2016 CREAMers!
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Dan Rogers
dan and snow leopard
Major: Animal Science, Pre-vet Concentration (Junior)

Hometown:  Franklin, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: I have been licked by a bear!

Before CREAM, I have over 4 years of experience working in zoos. In high school I worked at Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI and this past summer I was an intern at the Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA.

When looking at schools for college, I was immediately drawn to UVM because of the CREAM program. It seemed  fun and interesting to see how a dairy farm is run, and being able to take part in the entire process. I was also interested in seeing a different side of animal medicine and  gaining essential experience toward a career in veterinary medicine.

After being accepted in, I think I could not have been more right. I hope as President, I will be able to help the dairy run as smoothly as possible and work with my fellow CREAMers to make this an unforgettable experience.

Morgan Schiksnis
morgan with alpaca
Major: Animal Science in Pre- vet concentration, minor in Italian (Junior)

Hometown: Flanders New Jersey

Fun Fact: I have hiked up 17,100 feet above sea level.

Before being accepted into the CREAM program, I worked with horses in an equine facility. During a winter program affiliated with UVM, I went to Ecuador and worked with alpacas, we learned husbandry and basic medicine while having the greatest time of my life.

Being accepted into CREAM, I am extremely excited to be able to learn about dairy cows, while playing with the calves! I cannot wait to see the medicine that goes on behind running a dairy farm and gain knowledge about the medicine, dairy programs, and business that creates a successful dairy farm.

Austin Ebbott
austin with falcon
Major: Animal Science, Pre-vet (Senior)

Hometown: Manchester, Vermont

Fun Fact: I am a licensed falconer and have a Red-Tailed Hawk named Ollie.

I have avian and small animal clinic experience, but very little large animal experience. I'm looking forward to learning in CREAM how to properly handle cows in a way in which promotes their health and welfare.

I learn best while doing, so I'm excited to put into practice what I've learned in the classroom about breeding cycles, ruminant nutrition and medical care. As a vet liaison, I can 't wait to work closely with Dr. Allison and practice my technique admistering medications and giving supportive care.

Most of all I'm looking forward to learning each cows ' personalities and quirks and hopefully forge some great new relationships with them!

Tilly Ingall
tilly and horse
Major: Zoology (Junior)

Hometown: Weston, Connecticut

Fun Fact: P. Diddy once tripped over me.

Before CREAM, I had not worked with cows, but I had worked with horses and small animals. As a rider since the age of eight, I have spent a good majority of my life at the barn, training horses, and going to competitions. In regards to small animals, my family has always kept a good amount of pets in the house- the current toll being three cats and two dogs- and I have also interned at two small animal veterinary clinics.

In CREAM, I am excited to get some hands-on experience with cows, learning about their health, nutrition and management, as well as learning about the ins and outs of the dairy industry. I look forward to learning more about the business side of CREAM and how to run a small dairy farm. I am also excited to work with my fellow CREAMers, getting to know the, and work as a team and leaving our stamp on CREAM.  

Artemis Spountzi
artemis with dog
Major: Post-baccalaureate/ Pre-vet
B.A. in International Relations and French, 2012

Hometown: Port Washington, New York

Fun Fact: I want to go to Veterinary School to work with large animals and eventually do policy work.

Before CREAM I worked in finance and, before that, in the maritime industry. I was drawn to UVM because of it's Animal Science Department and, especially, the CREAM program. I've worked for a number of small animal practices and I am involved in Dr Smith's Biosecurity Research.

I hope to learn about managing a herd and maintaining its health. So far CREAM has only helped me be even more certain that I want to work with large animal medicine.

Katherine Mosley
katherine with a baby ocelot
Major: Animal Science, Pre-vet concentration (Junior)

Hometown: North Attleboro, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: My first car was a 1965 Galaxie 500, aka Roxanne. 

For the last year or so I've been shadowing Lisa Abbo, DVM, at the Capron Park Zoo in Attleboro MA. Through her and an awesome group of zookeepers, I've gained experience in all aspects of veterinary zoo medicine. I have participated with animal handling and housing, enrichment, training, breeding, first aid, vaccinations, knock-down procedures, euthanasia, ultra sound technology, radiology, necropsies, ect. One of my favorite animals there is a Golden Lion Tamarin monkey named Cortez, who will sit on your shoulder and eat live crickets from your hand. I've also spent a lot of time volunteering for Angelcat Haven, an all-cat rescue organization in MA.

I had never imagined myself being a dairy farmer until I came to UVM and was introduced to the CREAM program. I am anxious to learn more about the medicine and health care that keeps the program alive. This is the perfect opportunity to gain large animal experience, learn how to run a business, and become part of an amazing team of cow-loving individuals!

Alex Hornbogen
alex and cow
Major: Animal Science (Junior)

Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan

Fun Fact: I chose to come to UVM as my college because I visited the barn on admitted students day and talked with a former CREAMer as well as a member of the horse barn co-op!

Before CREAM, I shadowed at a few veterinarian clinics and over this past summer, I worked at a horse barn and at a veterinarian's office. I have always known about the life of small animals since dogs, cats, gerbils, you name it have been a part of my household but I do not have much large animal experience, especially not with cows! Currently, I am a member of UVM's Kappa Alpha Theta and Pre-vet Club.

In CREAM, I hope to learn many aspects and responsibilities of owning a dairy barn. I cannot wait to learn  how to care for the cows and I'm especially interested in the  medical care of the cows. I want to expand my knowledge of large animals and hopefully determine a future specialization in Veterinary medicine.

I'm excited to seize this opportunity and learn all about cows and the work it takes to keep them happy and healthy. I cannot wait to work with the 14 other CREAMers to run a successful and fun dairy barn.

Emily Brink
emily with dog
Major: Animal Science, Pre-vet concentration (Junior)

Hometown: Milton, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: I have watched two enucleations (removal of the eye) and a surgery to repair a degloved abdomen!

Before CREAM, I shadowed a veterinary ophthalmologist, cardiologist and an emergency vet in the clinic. This was mainly wit small animals, however, I did get to travel to the New England Wildlife Center and with one of the veterinarians to treat the wildlife. I have also been a volunteer at my local animal shelter for the past four years. Here, I have learned how to properly handle cats, dogs, small mammals, and chickens, most of who have experienced some sort of trauma. I love being able to see animals transform completely once they feel comfortable! I also did a work-study last year at the UVM Co-op barn last year. At home I have 3 dogs (Siberian Husky, Rhodesian Ridgeback and a German Shepherd mix), 3 chickens, and a chinchilla. I am a member of the Pre-vet Club on campus, and I love to go hiking in my spare time.

In CREAM, I hope to learn the aspects of running a dairy farm, as well s get hands on veterinary, breeding and nutritional experience. I hope to learn more about cows and their needs, as I have never worked with them before my Introduction to Animal Science course.

I am excited to work with a bunch of new people and to gain hands on experience in the dairy industry!

Mackenzie Davidson
mackenzie at the top of a mountain
Major: Animal Science,  Pre-vet concentration (Sophomore)

Hometown: North Andover, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: I can recite a decent chunk of Hamlet by heart!

Animals have always been a huge part of my life, but before me CREAM experience began, I had no large animal experience. I volunteered at my local shelter, and spent most of my time caring for and learning about rabbits and smaller animals. My family and I have always owned small animals, and currently, we have a one-year old puppy named Daisy.

Throughout this process. I really hope to lean more about larger animals, and how to manage and care for them. I hope to be able to gain leadership qualities, as well as learn how to work very closely with my wonderful classmates of CREAM. I am very curious about all of the aspects that go into running a dairy farm, and I hope I will be able to glean more information about how to do so. I hope that going through this process will help me to have some idea of what kind of veterinarian work I want to do in the future.

I am very excited to get to know these wonderful girls and do everything that I can to keep them happy and healthy, and I look forward to the 3 am milks!

Sarah Scott
Sarah with calf
Major: Animal Science, Pre- vet concentration (Senior)

Hometown: Yardley, Pennsylvania

Fun Fact: I just adopted a cat, his name is Angelo!

I have some experience shadowing at small animal clinics and working with orphaned raccoon cubs at a wildlife center, but this is my first experience really working with large animals. I hope that this program will help me become more confident handling large animals. Also I am especially interested in the diseases that effect dairy  cows and how they are treated in a herd setting.

I am most exited to work closely with the calves, as they are much easier to snuggle and hands down the cutest things I have ever seen! When I'm not playing with animals, I try to stay involved in dancing, whether it's through ballet classes, trying out ballroom dancing, or just jumping around my kitchen, I think it's the best form of exercise (besides shoveling feed). I'm looking forward to learning as much as possible during this unique and immersive experience with the CREAM herd.

Maureen Whitney
maureen and cow
Major: Animal Science (Sophomorer)

Hometown: New Braintree, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: I once had a chicken that had it's picture published in a book called "The Magnificent Chicken: Portraits of the Fairest Fowl"

Before CREAM, I was part of a Farm Fresh Dairy and Beef Kids 4-H club, and participated in many MA 4-H Dairy Program Events. I also own a four year old Brown Swiss, and I milk a 70+ cow herd of Brown Swiss, Holsteins, and Jerseys when I am home. I've had the opportunity to attend the National 4H Dairy Conference in Madison, WI as well as competing in the World Dairy Expo for fitting and showmanship. I have also traveled to Australia and France where I've seen different parts of agriculture and the role it plays in their countries compared to ours.

In CREAM, I hope to learn the proper management skills I would need to be a part of the dairy industry, as well as learn teamwork, leadership,  have a great time while working with all of my wonderful new friends.

I hope that this year is full of great experiences that will help all of us learn and grow together as we work towards improving our herd, and caring for our animals.

Ashley Knights HeaneyAshley and kitten Major: Animal Science, Pre-vet concentration, Psychology minor (Junior)

Hometown: Northfield, Vermont

Fun Fact: As a veterinarian, I want to specialize in cat medicine and surgery!

Before CREAM, I rode and took care of horses at our family farm. We have Misty: the old, stocky pony who runs the barn, Dora: the beautiful Morgan, Tiny Tim: the fluffiest snowball-like miniature pony, and Poncho: the sweet and loving donkey. Growing up with animals has been an integral part of my upbringing and wellbeing. Cats have a special special place in my heart and our three are; Sparky, Callie and Kringle. Sparky is my favorite girl and my best buddy of 10 years. In my picture is her "long-lost" brother, homeless kitten I befriended while in Belize (Sparky is also orange and white!)

In CREAM I hope to learn all about cows' mannerisms and health. I have never
worked with cows before and I'm excited for this experiential learning opportunity. I'm also exited to learn outside of the classroom and together with other students, run a business/ farm!

Ruth Snowruth and horse Major: Animal Science (Sophomore)

Hometown: Northfield, Vermont

Fun Fact: I have shared my campsite with a black bear

Before CREAM, I was a member of 4-H and Pony Club, and have ridden and worked with horses for my whole life. I worked on a farm where there were cows, chickens, goats, pigs and donkeys. I helped at a bio-dynamic vegetable and cow farm for a bit during a summer and have shadowed at a small animal clinic. Right now I help at a horse barn, am a member of the Pre-vet club and am a College of Agriculture and Life Science Representative.  

In CREAM, I hope to learn more about the dairy industry, and how to manage and effectively relate to the cows. I am interested in learning methods for dairy farming and the reasoning behind them so that we can apply them to the CREAM herd.

I hope we can keep the cows mentally and physically happy! I am so excited to get to know new people and animals, while broadening my understanding of farming.

Sam Driscoll
sam and horse
Major: Animal Science, with a minor in Nutrition and Food Sciences (Junior)

Hometown: Bristol, Vermont

Fun Fact: I have ridden an elephant

Before CREAM, I interned with an equine vet, worked at a small animal hospital, was a member of 4-H, and
currently am  involved in Dr. Greenwood's dairy nutrition lab, Pre-vet club on campus, as well as the Co-op program at the UVM horse barn, right next door to the CREAM Barn.

While in CREAM, I cannot wait to get hands -on opportunities to learn more about dairy management, in addition to getting veterinary, nutritional, management and overall decision making experience.

I am excited to get to know all of the cows, the aspects of their every day care, and all of the hard work that goes into taking care of our favorite girls!

Olivia Wolfe
olivia and cow
Major: Exercise and Movement Science (Junior)

Hometown: Reston, Virginia

Fun fact: I have ridden a cow

Before being accepted to CREAM, I worked on a very small farm with cows, pigs, goats, chickens, and sheep. I also worked with a therapeutic riding program.

Being in CREAM, I hope to learn more about cows and what they need to be happy and healthy, along with understanding more details about running a business.

I'm excited to wake up at all hours of the night and early morning to some adorable cow faces.

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