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Our last meeting was today. We Tie-died our white CREAM t-shirts and had a small picnic. We also cleaned up the farm and organized it to help the returning group for the Fall semester. A beautiful sunset finished off the day as well!

Our cow Almond also calved in today. A baby bull was born and his name is Arthur!
Arthur Calf

8/6/2014 - Addison County Fair Day

We had a great turn-out at the fair today. Many of our heifers placed very well. We thank everyone who helped and supported. There were many show goers that were interested in our herd and had asked many questions. The show group did a great job with the heifers, they looked beautiful! The heifers also acted very well in the ring.
The results are below:
Addison County Fair Placings
Winter Heifer CalfUVM CREAM  Meteor Maribelle1st PlaceAlso received 1st place for reserve junior champion
Fall Heifer CalfUVM CREAM Admiral Jazz2nd place
Fall Heifer CalfUVM CREAM
Spring Yearling HeiferUVM CREAM
G.W Atwood Sarsaparilla  
1st place
Winter yearling HeiferUVM CREAM Detroit Maisy1st place
Winter yearling Heifer UVM CREAM
G.W Atwood Meek
4th place
Fall yearling HeiferUVM CREAM
Sid Luna
1st place
Junior best 3UVM CREAM
Sid Luna
UVM CREAM Detroit Maisy
UVM CREAM  Meteor Maribelle
1st place
Produce of Dam`UVM CREAM  Meteor Maribelle
UVM CREAM Detroit Maisy
1st placeProduce of UVM CREAM Blade Mable

7/30/14 - Project Heat-lot

Every CREAM group usually has a big project that takes place to help improve the farm in some way. We decided to fix the heat-lot and touch it up!
Painting the heatlot

7/28/14 - Family Photo!

This morning was a lot of fun. We took a picture of Lucerne's family! We did one with just the family and then we took a big group photo!
Lucerne's family photo
Lucerne Family Photo with summer CREAMers

7/27/14 - New addition on the farm!

Today Drusilla one of our cows gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was named Dakota. They are both doing well.
Melisa and Dakota

7/21/14 - Check us out on facebook!

For those of you who like to follow CREAM and would like to see more pictures and updates, please follow our facebook page too!
Click the image below to get to our facebook page! 
Calf and Mascot

7/9/14 - Middlebury Campers came to visit!

Today was an exciting day! Middlebury campers visited and toured the farm. It was a fun experience for not only the Middlebury campers, but for us. It was awesome to see these young campers so interested in dairy management and how we run the farm. They had a great time from seeing the farm, playing with calves and getting to see the horses!
GroupCamper with calf
Camper with Calf 2

7/7/14 - Update on the CREAM logo

Usually every CREAM group gets 'swag'. Swag is the term we use for clothing as a remembrance of the program. Recently I updated the looks of the CREAM logo to try and make it look smoother. This updated logo going on our clothing for our summer swag.
We want to thank Curt Prestatsh, the artist over at Amalgamated Culture Works for helping us out! 

Old CREAM Logo
Old CREAM logo
New CREAM Logo
New CREAM logo

7/3/14 - Funny faces from the cows!

Cows are really funny animals. Many of the cows on our farm are photogenic and a few of them were caught in their moments! 
Cow MouthCow lick
Jersey Calf being sillySmiling cow

6/24/14 - Twin calves to start off the day!

We had an exciting morning here at the barn! Our cow Lucerne had twin heifers. Their names are Latifah and Levi. The calving went great, both calves are doing very well and so is Lucerne!
Alex and Levi
Alex feeding Levi her first colostrum.
Emma and Latifah
Emma feeding Latifah her first colostrum.

6/18/14 - CREAM herd Dairy Evaluations

Today was an exciting day for the CREAM herd. Each of the Holstein cows in our milking herd were ranked and we had a wide variety of ranges. When cows are graded what many people look for is their stature. A few examples of what they look for is foot and leg conformation, overall stance, and look like the average dairy cow.
Today one of our cows, Sweat Pea was given a 90. She is the first CREAM cow in a long time to score as an excellent cow!
We celebrated with cake!
Sweet Pea's Cake

5/19/14 - Welcome Summer CREAMers

Summer 2014 CREAMers

Must Be The Milk -

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