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About Charlie

It could safely be said that I am one of the more "mature" faculty members of the University of Vermont's Elementary Education Program (EEP).  I came to UVM in 1970 with a joint appointment in Early Childhood Education and have remained close to the early childhood field.  Early in my career at UVM I developed and co-directed the American Primary Experience Program  (APEX) with my colleague Frank Watson and with the assistance of many members of the elementary faculty.  I remain humbled by the fact that APEX won The Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education in 1976.  As far as I am concerned, we've all kept going and never looked back.  Along the way, I spent years studying and helping to develop elementary multiage learning environments.


Currently, I am pursuing the following interests.

    I work with first year students in our introductory course to EEP.

    I teach Principles of Classroom Management to our seniors during their student teaching.

    I am very involved with Complex Instruction, a form of cooperative learning established at Stanford University by Elizabeth Cohen and Rachel Lotan.  It forms the backbone of my professional commitment to create equitable classroom settings filled with learning opportunities for every classroom learner.

    I teach an online web-based introduction to Complex Instruction.

    I am engaged in an ongoing challenge to learn as much about the application of technology to the teaching and learning process of myself and my students so as to improve their education to be education leaders.  I am grateful to all the undergraduate tutors I have had during this process.  Steep learning curve... .


I live in Burlington, finally got my sunfish in Lake Champlain this summer, and don't plan on retiring soon.  The picture below?  I am trying to play a simple violin developed by Matt Chandler, a colleague at Edmunds Middle School, Burlington, for a Complex Instruction Rotation he devised on "Music and Mathematics."  The kids were on an awesome voyage of discovery as they investigated and reported relationships between sound, strings, vibrations, and mathematical notation.

If you are interested in viewing a more formal resume, just follow the link.