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Masters Project Masters Projects to Develop the LANDS Program

Why masters projects?
The Land Stewardship Program (LANDS)  was created through a series of masters projects by graduate students in the Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning programs at the University of Vermont (FNEP program). These students had a passion for conservation, education, and hands-on learning and channeled their energies into developing and running the LANDS program since 2007. Their creativity, research into emerging pedagogy in higher education, knowledge of nature and ecosystems, and skills in carrying out needed consulting work for conservation organizations resulted in the LANDS program as it exists today. The LANDS program is a local response to the old threats such as loss of habitat and open space due to development and the new challenges like global warming, the need for biofuels to replace fossil fuels, and more recently, economic uncertainty. LANDS was created to address these challenges cost-effectively using advanced college students, at the same time training for the next generation of conservation practitioners. These graduate students are putting vision to action in making the LANDS program happen.

What do these masters projects look like?

Each graduate student took on different aspects of what the LANDS program looked like and could be into the future. Some of their work both refined and executed the LANDS program in a particular year, but also provided resources for future development of LANDS type programming elsewhere. (Click on Image for a PDF version of the reports)

LANDS proposal College Sustainability Corps
Program Implementation Manual Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative Report
  • Delia Delongchamp 2008 Opportunities for American Land Stewardship: Designing a Conservation Training Curriculum for the LANDS Program.
  • James Barnes 2008 The Land Stewardship Program - A New Model of Conservation Corps: Serving Land Trusts - Training the Next Generation.
  • Lydia Menendez 2011 Developing a College Sustainability Corps for the 21st Century / College Sustainability Corps: Program Implementation Manual.
  • Laura Yayac 2014 Designing a Land Stewardship Internship Program for the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative.

Who else has been involved?

The LANDS program began in 2007. Other Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning graduate students involved in implementing LANDS program include:

  • Zach Ispalanda
  • Sam Schaefer-Joel
  • Leah Mital-Skiff
  • Emily Brodsky

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