University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

CAS Computing Services

General Policies

  1. The College of Arts and Sciences financially supports one computer for each eligible faculty and staff member.
  2. CAS Computing Services only supports computers purchased through UVM's Microcomputer Services. Microcomputer Services' current quotes and pricing may be found at
  3. The College regards all computers purchased with Department or College funds as University property. Should a Department no longer have a use for system, it should notify Computing Services. When a computer is replaced by any of the College's purchasing programs: IT Annual Purchase, Computer Teaching Labs, etc., those computers are collected in the CAS Computing Services offices and either repurposed if appropriate, or recycled.
  4. Computers purchased with University funds may not be taken off campus except, as in the case of a laptop, on a temporary basis and for UVM related purposes.
  5. The College encourages employees to treat their UVM owned computer as if it was their own, including taking proper precautions to prevent theft and accidental damage. Most damages due to neglect are not covered by manufacturer's warranty.
  6. The College and its information technicians bear no responsibility for servicing or maintaining computers while they are off campus. The computers must be returned to campus for service and support.
  7. All service for all UVM owned computers must be coordinated through CAS Computing Services and must be performed by UVM's Microcomputer Services unless obtaining such service is impossible (e.g., when you are out of the country and you have a computer hardware problem).

Last modified November 11 2014 11:09 AM