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Specific Privacy Issue
Compliance Requirement/Statute
Operational Contact
Available Training/ UVM Resources/Information
University Policy
Student Records
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Keith Williams
FERPA FAQ - Dept of Ed
FERPA Guide for Colleges and Universities
FERPA Rights Disclosure
Protected Health Information
Component HIPAA Privacy Officers HIPAA at UVM
Data Breach Notification
Vermont Act 162 Chief Privacy Officer
Data Breach Notification Policy
Library Records
USA PATRIOT Act, Public Law 107-56
Vermont Public Records Act (1 V.S.A. §317)
Mara Saule

Confidentiality Policy Statement and Procedures University of Vermont Libraries
Public Records Requests
Vermont Public Records Act (1 V.S.A. §§315-320) General Counsel

Records and Documents Request
Records Retention
Various Chief Privacy Officer
Records Retention Policy
Red Flag Rules
Federal Trade Commission Notice
Jill King
See Program/Policy
Red Flag Rule Program

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