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Non-Academic Year Effort

Non-Academic Appointment Effort

Non-Academic Year Effort

University faculty with 9 and 10 month appointments shall be permitted to expend up to an additional three and two months of effort/salary, respectively, on sponsored agreements. In addition to the other requirements of this policy and sponsor regulations, faculty shall comply with the following:
  • For purposes of committing effort, the faculty’s effort shall be consistent with the effort expended during a commensurate academic period.
  • Non-academic appointment period salary rate shall not exceed the faculty’s previous appointment period salary rate.
  • Effort expended during the academic year shall not satisfy a commitment related to the receipt of salary during the non-academic appointment period.
  • Faculty shall certify their expended effort on sponsored agreements is reasonable in relation to the work performed and occurred during the non-academic appointment period
An example of a sponsor's restriction on charging non-academic salary is the National Science Foundation (NSF)  two month limit of employee's summer salary on NSF grants.


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