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Compliance and Privacy Services

The mission of the Compliance and Privacy Programs:

To work proactively and collaboratively with members of the University community to promote an institutional culture of compliance and thus prevent and effectively address violations of law, regulations, and University policy and protocols.

To work proactively and collaboratively with members of the University community to champion the issue of privacy within the University.

Thoughts on the Compliance Office:

Thomas Vogelmann

"Her [Anna Drummond] knowledge of the complex regulatory environment that surrounds institutions of higher education has allowed us to be proactive in compliance issues..."   ~ Thomas Vogelmann, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences    read more testimonials

Gale Burford

"I found Anna to be readily available, professionally and personally supportive, and she helped keep the focus on blending learning with the important issues of compliance." ~ Gale Burford, Professor of Social Work and Director of Child Welfare Training Partnership    read more testimonials

Gregory Ramos

"She [Anna Drummond] has a wealth of experience, which she combines with a warm and approachable style" ~ Gregory Ramos, Professor of Theatre and Director of ALANA US Ethnic Studies Program
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Patricia Prelock

"Anna Drummond and her team have been invaluable in guiding us through critical processes and procedures." ~ Patricia Prelock, Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences
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Richard Fanus

"The valuable service they provide has been needed at the University for quite some time."   ~ Richard "Skip" Fanus, Assistant Dean College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
read more testimonials

Wanda Heading Grant

"Working with the Compliance Office has allowed me and those in my unit to approach the work that we do with confidence and assurance..." ~ Wanda Heading Grant, Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs    read more testimonials

Trina Magi

"I couldn't be more pleased with the help I received. They were easy to talk to, knowledgeable about the issues, and willing to dig deeper to help me find the answers I needed." ~ Trina Magi, Library Professor
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Doug Lantagne

"The Compliance Office was very helpful in helping Extension work through our Civil Rights review. Contact them early and often to help!"
~ Doug Lantagne, Dean and Director of UVM Extenion

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Ruth Blauwiekel

"UVM's Compliance Services Office offers an integrated comprehensive system of enhancing compliance on multiple fronts..." ~ Ruth Blauwiekel, Department of Animal Science Faculty, University Veterinarian
   read more testimonials

Brian Cote

"I found the Office of Compliance, Anna Drummond and her staff, to be very knowledgeable and helpful...and for that, I am very thankful." ~ Brian L. Cote, Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration College of Medicine    read more testimonials

Lisa Schnell

"In the new 'compliance culture' of higher ed, it's enormously reassuring to have Anna Drummond and her staff keeping UVM abreast of pressing issues..." ~ Lisa Schnell, Associate Dean, Honors College
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Jes Kraus

"The Compliance Office is an excellent resource to the University community." ~ Jes Kraus, Director of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity
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David Massell

"As a member of the UVM faculty who has watched the state and federal regulatory environment stiffen over the past fifteen years, I have found the presence of the Compliance Office reassuring..." ~ David Massell, Associate Professor of History    read more testimonials

Wendy Koenig

"Anna Drummond and her team have extensive and accessible knowledge of our complex federal regulatory environment. It is a pleasure to work with colleagues that I can count on and trust." ~ Wendy Koenig, Federal Relations Director    read more testimonials

David Nestor

"The Compliance and Privacy Services staff have been terrific colleagues in acknowledging our goals and helping us to identify best practices...to provide exceptional service to students." ~ David Nestor, Dean of Students    read more testimonials

Domenico Grasso

"As Chief Compliance Officer, Anna Drummond, has been an invaluable, knowledgeable, and dedicated member of the university team..." ~ Domenico Grasso, Former Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate College    read more testimonials

Bernard Cole

"The Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer was extremely helpful and worked proactively and collaboratively with me and with my staff..." ~ Bernard "Chip" Cole, Former Interim Dean and Professor of Statistics in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences    read more testimonials

Compliance Services

Data Privacy Awareness

Protect personally identifiable information.

Watch this video developed by SANS and EDUCAUSE on protecting the privacy of personal information.

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Compliance and Privacy Services

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