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Space and Movable Equipment Inventory  - Instructions, process and definitions

Functional Usage - Examples
Research Lab
  • Two staff people, one @ 50 hours per week, paid from Organized Research(OR), one @25 hours per week, paid from Instruction and Departmental Research funds
    • Functional Space =  67% OR,  33% Instr. & DR
  • One PI, a tech, and two graduate Research assistants occupy the lab and are all paid from Organized Research funds . The RA's occasionally use lab for studying. 
    • Functional Space = 95% OR, 5% Instr. & DR
  • A faculty professor teaches two courses, has four sponsored grants, and provides some public service. After interviewing the professor, you discover most of his office time is for research.
    • Functional Space = 80% OR, 15% Instr. & DR, 5% PS 
  • Department head is 70% funded by Organized Research, 20% funded by dept admin, and 10% funded by Instruction and Department Research
    • Functional Space = 100% Department Administration
    • Is this an appropriate allocation?
Conference Room
  • Your department conference room is used primarily for meetings for department personnel. However, a faculty member hosts a sponsored related conference on stopping smoking for the local community.
    • Functional Space = 80% Dept Admin, 20% Public Service
Inactive Area
  • A room is active for five months only. Four months was used for Organized Research and one month was used for Instruction and Department Research.
    • Functional Space = 80% OR, 20% Instr. & DR

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