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FAQs for Speaker Engagement and Services Agreement Templates

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Can you clarify the threshold limits for each template?
  • Speaker agreement is required if:
    • An honorarium is $500 or greater OR
    • Travel Expenses total $500 or greater
  • Services agreement is required if:
    • Fees and expenses combined equal $1000 or greater
What if a speaker is being paid a $450 honorarium and $450 for travel expenses, am I required to complete a speaker agreement?
No, because neither one of the totals is $500 or greater, however, the department may choose to complete an agreement anyway.
How did this new services agreement template requirement come about?
The services agreement template was created in order to lower the risk exposure to the University by defining the scope of work, establishing payment terms, identifying responsibilities for protecting personal, confidential and/or sensitive data, and defining specific terms and conditions related to the service provided.
When calculating the expense $ threshold for either agreement, should the total include expenses the department is paying via purchasing card or just the receipts the vendor would be submitting for reimbursement?
Both, all expenses provided by UVM directly (car rentals, hotel rooms, airfare, etc.) and reimbursed to the vendor should be included in the total expense $ amount.
If a vendor provides its own services agreement for review, do we also need to complete UVM’s services agreement?
No, there can only be one controlling document. UVM will review the vendor’s agreement with a 2-4 week lead time, however if you have the opportunity to use UVM’s template instead, it could be a much quicker turn around.
For clarification, if I complete a UVM template services agreement for $4000, I do not need Purchasing Services to review prior to vendor signature on agreement?
Correct, any agreement up to $4999.99 that simply completes the highlighted sections in the template does not require Purchasing Services' review.
Can I use a template I have on file in my department?
Templates change periodically. Best practice is to always start a draft agreement from the Template on the Purchasing website.
If I am paying a foreign individual or company, do I still process a requisition?
No, the proper method is via a check request form and attaching the fully signed agreement as backup documentation.
How do I get Purchasing Service’s signature on an agreement for a foreign individual or company prior to the event?
Send the agreement to well in advance for signature.
If I am completing a speaker or services agreement for an individual, do I still have to complete an Employee vs. Independent Contractor form?
How much lead time does Purchasing Services need to review my contract?
2-4 weeks, depending on various factors, such as
  • Complexity
  • Need for additional review by General Counsel, Risk Management, or ISO
  • The large volume of pending contracts already in Purchasing queue
Does the $ value of the PO need to match the $ value of the agreement?
The PO dollar amount should be supported by the contract terms. (i.e., PO cannot be more than the not-to-exceed $ amount of the contract.) However, if the contract term crosses fiscal years, the PO should only be set up for the $ value being spent in the current fiscal year.
A blanket PO should be set up for the amount of the agreement being spent in the current fiscal year. You can set up multiple lines if different chartstrings are being used.
Can an agreement cross fiscal years?
Yes - However, if the contract term crosses fiscal years, the PO should only be set up for the $ value being spent in the current fiscal year.
Do we need to provide documents that are referenced in the contract?

I have more questions. Whom do I contact?
Email with your question to receive an answer.

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