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The Requisitions function in PeopleSoft enables employees and procurement professionals to accurately manage the process of purchasing goods and services for the University. Information about vendors, payments, billings and budgets is maintained via this PeopleSoft module.

Requisitions are used to order goods and services. Requisitions are entered into PeopleSoft by individuals who are assigned the proper security and roles. Purchasing Services creates a purchase order based on the requisition. The purchase order is then sent to the vendor, with a copy forwarded to the requester. A requisition creates a pre-encumbrance against the chartstring provided, reducing the overall available budget balance. A purchase order clears the pre-encumbrance and creates an encumbrance — the budget balance remains the same. The action of paying an invoice clears the encumbrance and creates an expense.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a requisition

For step-by-step information on how to create a requisition (including blanket requisitions and speed charts) or how to view chartstring information on a requisition, please consult the Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Reviewing Payment Information User Guide.
Here's a quick reminder on what needs to be attached to a requisition:

A pricing quote/estimate from the vendor
A contract, agreement and terms & conditions


  • Quotation Evaluation form (revised 7/1/17)
  • Single Sole-Source form (revised 7/1/17)
  • Employee vs Independent Contractor Determination form
  • New vendor W-9 form

Requisition Category Code Improvements

  • We have inactivated many category codes, provided clearer descriptions, and added the Account Number in the description for easier searching
peoplesoft category lookup page

  • On the Look-Up Category page, Select Search By “Description” in the dropdown menu and enter account number or key words.
  • If you click on the header of the Description column, it will sort alphabetically for easier viewing.
  • The Category Tree/Category Folders have been deactivated and are no longer a means for searching categories.
  • See the new Category List for your needs and as an easy access resource.

Requisition Access Knowledge Assessment

As of June 1, 2017, all new PeopleSoft users who need the ePro requisitioning module are required to pass the Requisition Access Knowledge Assessment in order to have access to the module. Supervisors should submit a request (Footprint) with the new user’s information, including the default “ship-to” location and default chartstring. The new user will then receive further information on how to access the assessment through Blackboard. Purchasing Services created this assessment to help ensure requisition users have adequate knowledge of purchasing policies, process, and the PeopleSoft ePro module.

Training and Support

Purchasing Services will offer regular training sessions on requisition knowledge and the revised Procurement Policy. Check in PeopleSoft HCM for Course code: PSF019 for the next available session. We are also available to attend department staff meetings to cover specific topics and materials pertinent to your group and purchasing needs.

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