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PeopleSoft Accounts Receivable, Billing of Individuals and Miscellaneous Billing

The Accounts Receivable (AR)/Billing forms and resources below were created for the PeopleSoft Financials system to bill external, non-sponsored customers only. Miscellaneous billing for services provided or reimbursement requests will be processed in PeopleSoft by the department generating the billable activity.

Billing students will continue to be done through Banner. Questions can be directed to the Student Financial Services office about billing students or student account activity.
Sponsored agreements are generally billed through Sponsored Project Administration (SPA). Questions can be directed to SPA about billing such agreements.


Other Resources

All forms may be submitted by email to

Please also notify General Accounting at the referenced email:

  1. If your department is currently using the PeopleSoft AR/Billing module and you are unable to find the appropriate reference documents on our site
  2. If you have a question on completing any forms or about the AR/Billing deadlines and processes
  3. If your department is not currently using the People AR/Billing module and you need to get started
  4. To request first-time or refresher training
  5. If you find a bad link or problem opening any of the forms

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