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PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts Overview

The PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts (COA) structure uses “chartfields” (or segments) to record the financial effect (balance sheet, profit & loss, etc.) of each transaction. The chart of accounts is intended to consider all financial reporting needs, providing sufficient flexibility to allow for the development of financial statements for management, as well as external readers. It serves as the basis for recording the day-to-day financial operations of the University.

The use of chartfields separates the unique aspects of each transaction into relational segments for summarization and reporting. Each chartfield captures a different element of information (Who, What, Why, How, Where?) regarding the transaction. It is the combination of chartfields that brings meaning to the transaction. The use of multiple chartfields allows for flexible data accumulation and reporting of the financial aspects of projects, activities, programs, events, etc. that occur across UVM organizations or funds.

UVM Chartfields

Chart of Accounts

Chartfield Values

The following Excel spreadsheets list each of the PeopleSoft chartfield values recognized at UVM (spreadsheets updated September 24, 2018):

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