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Travel & Expense Reimbursement

Travel & Expense Reimbursement


Before the trip
During your travel
  • Keep required original, itemized receipts (double-check Travel Policy for travel meal requirements)
  • Generic Receipt
  • If expense is on a credit card, keep both the itemized and summary slips
  • For long trips, keep a log or journal
  • Paying for services abroad: W8Ben with Receipt
After the trip
  • In PeopleSoft:
    • Create an expense report, within 60 days
    • Create from travel authorization
    • Attach cash advance, due within 30 days
  • Print expense report
    • Attach original, itemized receipts
    • See Travel Policy for travel meal receipt requirements
  • Route for necessary approvals

Expense Reimbursements

If UVM reimburses for an expense, the item becomes University property.

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