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Year End Closing

Year-end Closing

The FY15 Summary of Year End Deadlines is a quick reference guide of key year-end dates.

The FY15 Year End Mini Manual is a comprehensive guide to key year-end processes. Each section includes a header, the reason why the process is important, how to complete the process, key dates and deadlines, links to online resources, and a contact should you need help or have questions. It is important that you read each section that may pertain to your area and pass this memo onto other key personnel that may be involved.

If you have budget checking errors on a sponsored project it is important that you contact your SPA analyst in a timely manner so that the deadlines in the attachment can be met. Also, if your area works with a service center you will want to contact them as they may have shorter deadlines in order to comply with the overall University deadlines.

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