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Personnel: Sarahjane L. Dube

Sarahjane L. Dube, M.S.

Sarahjane L. Dube, M.S.Research Specialist and Coordinator

Sarahjane (aka SJ) has been working with the Potter Lab at the CNRU since 2009. Among her many skills, she is a master hole-puncher and an office supply enthusiast. Sj originally hails from the beautiful Finger Lakes region of NY but has also survived the humidity of Washington D.C. and the accent of Long Island. In addition to scientific research, Sj has studied English Literature and spent many years working "behind the scenes" at a professional summer-stock theatre.

Sj got her BA in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Wells College and her Masters of Science in Molecular Biology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Watson School of Biological Sciences. Sj has also studied at the National Institutes of Health and worked at the National Cancer Institute. In her undergraduate thesis work she used the yeast model of Batten's Disease to elucidate protein function at the University of Rochester in the laboratory of. David A Pearce, Ph.D.. Her graduate thesis work focused on RNAi-mediated heterochromatin formation and gene silencing in fission yeast in the laboratory of Robert A. Martienssen, Ph.D. at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Though she misses her yeast, Sj is happy to be working with human subjects (they laugh at most of her jokes)!