Undergraduate Mandatories

As a CNHS student, you are required to complete the CNHS Mandatories prior to entering clinical experiences.

This process is essential to your progression in your CNHS major. If you do not complete the CNHS Mandatories you may be disenrolled from your major-specific classes your junior or senior year and will be ineligible to attend clinicals. Besides being required for clinical experience, the CNHS Mandatories will protect your health and safety in your future profession. (This information also applies to post-baccalaureate certificate students in medical laboratory science.)

PLEASE NOTE: The immunization and serology work take time; you may need a booster and you may need to re-titer. Plan ahead to allow ample time to complete this process.

Mandatory Requirements By Major:

Athletic Training
Exercise and Movement Science
Medical Laboratory Science
Medical Laboratory Science Post Baccalaureate Certificate
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Radiation Therapy

Contact your department for further information.

Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences
Lindsay Laughnan
Phone: (802) 656-1009
Email: Lindsay.Laughnan@uvm.edu

Rose Simpson
Phone: (802) 656-3452
Email: Rose.Simpson@uvm.edu

Rehabilitation and Movement Science
Cis Dumas
Phone: (802) 656-3014
Email: CDumas@uvm.edu