IT Support

Because we are changing the system for IT support in CNHS from a single support person to multiple support people, we need a way to keep all of our support staff up-to-date on any problems in order to assist you in a timely fashion. We are using the Footprints database to do this as all of our staff are trained in its use.

We now have our own Footprints log in page for CNHS issues:
You can also submit a footprints request by sending email to or call us at 656-4772. This number is primarily a voicemail service, we will call you back or send you an email to follow up. If you leave a voicemail, please include your NetID and phone number.

Staff members are only available between 2:30pm and 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

If you are having an emergency and need immediate assistance, please call the UVM Computing Helpline at 656-2604.

IT Support Contact Information

Avery Bacon
CNHS Support Group Coordinator
Phone: 656-4772
Rowell help hours: Monday through Friday 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Need immediate assistance - call the UVM Computing Helpline at 656-2604

Frequent IT Needs

E-mail configuration

E-mail at UVM is facilitated through Computing and Information Technology (CIT). Learn all about e-mail at UVM on CIT's website.

Rescynchronizing passwords

CIT also handles NetID accounts and passwords. Go to the interface for re-synchronizing your password.

Leaving an out-of-office/vacation message on your e-mail

You may want to set up vacation notification when you're out of the office. Learn all about e-mail at UVM on CIT's website.

Oracle Calendar Log-in

You may do your scheduling through Oracle Calendar. Take a short-cut to the Oracle Calendar log-in screen.

Downloading new software for your computer

UVM maintains a collection of frequently-downloaded software for MACs and PCs. Log-in to the password protected software website.

CNHS IT Footprint Process

If you need assistance with an IT problem, please link to the CNHS work request to create a footprint.