Curriculum Information for Internal and External Nursing Transfer Applicants

What pre-requisites must I complete before transferring?

Eligible transfer applicants will have completed at least 30 of the required general education courses and upon admission be prepared to begin the second year of the nursing major curriculum. (See General Education Requirements for nursing majors.)

What classes should I be taking now at my present school to prepare me for UVM?

It is helpful to take courses take will be applied toward the fulfillment of the major's General Education requirements. Enrollment in the required professional nursing courses will begin during the spring semester of the second year.

Can I enroll in Anatomy and Physiology at another school and transfer the credits? (add Transfer Guideline link)

Yes, as long as it is on the list of approved transferable courses. All courses which student wish to transfer to UVM must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

How will I know which of my credits will transfer to UVM?

You may refer to the above website and/or contact the UVM Office of Transfer Affairs for more information, 802/656-0867.

How long will it take to complete the nursing major once if I am admitted?

Three (3) years.

Is there any way to complete the program in less time?

No. The program requires three years to complete.

Are there classes I can take during the summer to speed up the completion of my degree?

Required professional nursing courses are not offered during the summer session. However, some of the general education requirements or electives may be completed during the summer session.

When will I be assigned to an advisor?

Upon your admission to the program, the Department of Nursing will assign you to a faculty advisor within the department. If you have questions about that process, please contact the Department of Nursing, 216 Rowell Building or or 656-3830.