Student Instructions for Obtaining Criminal Background Checks

To obtain a criminal background check you must have:

    Access to a computer with an internet connection
    A valid email account
    A credit card, debit card, checking account or savings account


    1. Type the following internet url into the address bar on your internet browser or click here:

    2. Click on the "Go" button

    3. Read the "Dear Student Letter" and click "Click Here".

    4. Select the appropriate program option from the drop down box and click "Next".

    5. Follow the on screen directions. Read the Disclosure and Authority to Release Information. Enter your
      First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number, Reenter your SS# Select "Yes" and "I Agree" under I
      would like a copy of my report. Sign your name using the mouse and select "Save".

    6. Enter your information. * Denotes required fields
      Last Name, First Name, Home Phone, E-mail Address, SS#, Date of Birth,
      Current Address: Move In Date, Years at this Address, City, State, Zip, Country
      Add previous address of less than 7 years at current address

    7. Click "Next Step"

    8. Review the information you submitted on the on-line application. Click the "Back"
      button to edit any of your information; when you are satisfied, click "Complete" to
      submit your information.

    9. Payment Screen: Select one of the three methods presented-either by use of a
      credit card, debit card or directly from your checking or savings account-and enter the
      appropriate information.

      Click "Place Order"

    10. Review the information for accuracy

    11. Click "Complete"

      Once you place your Background Check order, you will receive a full copy of the report via email.
      Turnaround time for the report is approximately 3-5 days.

        Student Support: Help with online entry system:
        Toll Free: 888.671.1238
        Help with a discrepancy on the report: Please contact John Andren at 952-985-2368