Low Scholarship Policy

The faculty in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) establish the standards for academic trial and dismissal for students in the college. When students do not achieve these standards, they will receive written notice.

In situations where an undergraduate student’s performance is marginally unsatisfactory, the student will be placed on “academic trial.” As noted in university policy, “On Academic Trial” is an intermediate status between good standing and dismissal in which students remain enrolled according to the stated academic conditions of their departments. If a student's performance is wholly unsatisfactory, the student will be dismissed from the university.

Re-Entry Policy

Students may be allowed to re-enter CNHS undergraduate programs depending upon their qualifications and space availability.

Re-entry as used in this policy means either:

  1. Resumption of the prescribed sequence of courses following an interruption, by a student who has not been dismissed, or
  2. Re-admission of a student who had been formally dismissed or who voluntarily withdrew from a program (ceased to enroll in and follow the prescribed sequence of courses without departmental consent).