Mary Val Palumbo, D.N.P., APRN, GNP-BC

Associate Professor of Nursing

Mary Val Palumbo Office: 231E Rowell
Phone:(802) 656-0023

Dr. Mary Val Palumbo is the director of the AHEC Nursing Workforce, Research, Planning and Development initiative at the University of Vermont. Since 2001, she has received research and project grants for initiatives to address the nursing shortage including emergency preparedness, re-entering nursing practice, nurse health and wellness, older nurses retention, and healthcare career awareness. In addition to conducting research on Vermont's nurse workforce, Dr. Palumbo teaches nurse practitioner students and practices as a gerontological nurse practitioner at the University of Vermont Medical Center Memory Program.


D.N.P., Rush University, Doctor of Nursing Practice, 2004
M.S., MGH Institute of Health Professions, Nursing, 1985
B.S., East Stroudsburg State College, Physical Education & Recreation, 1976

Courses Taught

GRNS 412 - Advanced Nursing Practice of Older Adults
GRNS 407 - Optimizing Health
GRNS 408 - Management of Common Health Issues
GRNS 390 - Master's Project
GRNS 391 - Master's Thesis Research

Research Interests
Selected Publications

Palumbo, MV, (2014) Exercise and wellness for older adults: Practical programming strategies. Second edition reviewed in: Activities, Adaptation, & Aging Vol. 38, No. 2, Apr. - June 2014.

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Rambur, B., McIntosh, B., Palumbo, MV, Reinier, K. (2005) Education as a determinant of career retention and job satisfaction among registered nurses. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 37(2): 185-92. (Abstract)

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American Nurses Association
Eastern Nurses Research Society
Vermont Organization of Nurse Leaders
Vermont State Nurses Association