Susan J. Cromwell, P.T., N.C.S., M.S.

Clinical Educator

Susan J. CromwellOffice: 310C Rowell

A member of the UVM part-time clinical faculty since 1989, Sue Cromwell teaches classes in the area of adult neuro-rehabilitation. She treats outpatients with a variety of central nervous system disorders as well as people with a history of falling and/or dizziness. She has a strong clinical background in vestibular rehabilitation, spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and multi-trauma rehabilitation. Prof. Cromwell has been a neurologic clinical specialist since 2005. In 2002 she received the Pia Garrett Award from the Vermont Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. This award is given yearly to a practicing clinician who exhibits a strong dedication and enthusiasm for the field of physical therapy.


B.S., 1978, Russell Sage College; Certificate in Physical Therapy, 1978, Albany Medical College; M.S., 1989, Medical College of Virginia -Virginia Commonwealth University.