M. Ahmad Chaudhry, PhD

Associate Professor of Radiation Therapy

Ahmad ChaudhryOffice: 302F Rowell
Phone: (802) 656-0569
Email: Muhammad.Chaudhry@uvm.edu

Dr. Chaudhry received a PhD degree in molecular biology from the University of Manchester, UK. He did postdoctoral research work at University of Alberta, Canada, before joining University of Pennsylvania as a Senior Research Investigator. His research interests are micro-RNA responses to radiation exposure, radiation-induced bystander effect, cell cycle perturbations and the enzymatic processing of clustered DNA damage. Dr. Chaudhry joined the faculty of the Department of Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences, University of Vermont in 2004.


PhD, University of Manchester, UK, Molecular Biology
MSc, University of Manchester, UK, Molecular Biology

Research Interests
Selected Publications

Chaudhry, M. A., Omaruddin, R. A., Tariq, M. A., and Pourmand, N. (2013). Identification of radiation-induced microRNA transcriptome by next-generation massively parallel sequencing. Journal of Radiation Research. 54: 808–822. (Abstract)

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